Thank you for coming to The Band of Waves website. The Band of Waves is the Canadian Psychedelic Rock Band of London, Ontario artist C.A. Zurbrigg (ACZCA)

First Day in the Studio

First Studio Track (Sweet Calypso)

The first studio track recorded in 2017 (Sweet Calypso). This is a reinterpretation of the legend of Davy Jones and the Goddess Calypso.

Dec 9th ~ Live at The London Music Club

Basement Live Recordings (fall 2018)

Breaking it Down

Low Tech Basement Recording using Zoom 1 microphone (2018)

To Have and to Hold

Low Tech Basement Live Recording using Zoom 1 microphone (2018)

More Basement Live Recordings (fall 2018)

Psychedelic Circus


Going Down the Road Feeling Bad


Performing Be The Light at G.K.’s
From a Jam at Ducharme 2016